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  1. Ah, yeah, that stuff always brings out the boggle-eyed characters! Can be fun, if you don't take it all too seriously.
  2. the 'a-a-a-a-alien' !!!!
  3. Hello sir! Which is it that you're referring to there?

    I see your local cricket season is back. Sussex v Sumerset Twenty20 on right now.
  4. ...pretty scary dribble!!!!
    ...are the kids watching this?

    ...needs a bib !
  5. Thanks mahesh!

    Very kind of you, much appreciated mate!

    Cheers to that, and to you - that is the most beautiful nd elegant way I've ever heard it put - I'm going to use that myself, time and again I reckon.
  6. Hey Spoons

    Happy Birthday geeza!

    Here's to one more orbit round our star...have a fun ride!
  7. My hopes are with you and your family finding your dear Rosie.
  8. Why thank you. To be honest, I don't rightly know. I think it was a random 2 word combo to prove a point to someone about strange pictures you can find with google images, it popped up and I thought, wow, fantastic.

    I considered painting my place like that but remembered this one's a rental and it'd probably make me feel sick.

    I stand by my decision.
  9. Oh, thank you Spoons! Kindly!

    You have a lovely day, too!

    Oh by the way Spoons, your that inspired from the Alien?
    i meant to ask you ages ago...
  10. Happy Birthday mahesh! Hope you have a fantastic day!
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