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  1. So HAPPY BIRTHDAY then!
  2. Hi Elen...
    That's gooood...going volunteering! Doing what?

    Southern part of India tapers, so, annually, it gets 'buffeted' by both the south-westerly and north-easterly, thingies, winds / rain. All I remember delightfully, that it used to rain a lot. I mean a lot. And everything greeeeen. Oh heaven. And hot. Being near the equator. That's why, as a defence against the sun, the skin colour (can) turns 'burnt toast'. Most hospitable and kind/generous people.

    Forget the umbrellas, Elen...enjoy the rain / monsoon. Bliss, to get thoroughly drenched. Everytime.

    About the skies...when it's not raining / overcast, the skies can be truly wonderful, as anywhere else. You'll definitely see more stars than from/at home. And the southern hemisphere beauties too.

    I've visited south India / south south, twice, as an acne'd kid.

    You go have fun, Elen...
    best regards
  3. I'm going there to volunteer so I'm not sure if I'll be allowed to leave my restricted area after the first day. If I do get a chance I will ask my "superiors" about the dance concerts.
    I am a huge coconut fan so I will certainly enjoy that. I actually wasn't aware that India was big on coconuts.
    Do you know how clear the sky is at night? I'll be going during monsoon season but I hope I'll be able to see more stars than I do at home.
    How long ago were you in India? (I am assuming you have visited there from your comment).
  4. Ahem...another thing, Elen...when / if you get a chance, time-wise, please go see a dance concert.
    Classical Indian, particularly Classical South Indian dance, the Bharat Natyam, is an amazing experience.
    Well, you could google this stuff...there's so much on the 'net.

    I hope you have / make time to visit some and enjoy it.
  5. Oh really! First, hanh!'ll like it there. Very much, Elen...It's very green, lush least that's how I remember it, having been there (Madras) as a child...being so near the equator....and everything is hot...the sun, the air, the seas, the pavements/streets, the gorgeous food, the people are lovely, with a bit of stay indoors / in shade, at high noon...surround yourself with the thinnest of cottons...
    yeeesss...and the wonderful part...banana leaves (forget about your cutlery/crockery) off them...and use your fingers, wash hands before sitdown, tuck in...yum yum...lots and lots of and crunchy and'll have a chance to slurp-in coconut (like spaghetti)...oh wow...

    Keep your CHENNAI up, what's the MAD RAS? You'll have fun. (Shoot loads...)

    (I think one of our admin, Antoniseb, went there Chennai/Madras last year. Could've been Bangalore...similar place)...may be you could ask him for some tips)
  6. It will be my first visit there. I will be staying for a month in Chennai.
    Kids do grow up fast, sometimes all too fast, although the teenagers years follow the opposite trend. Nature seems to work against parents.
  7. Yes. He is. He's Flynn, my Universe. Turned nine, last Tuesday. A bundle of joy.
    Gosh, it is, as if only yesterday, I was into changing diapers. How Time flies.

    I hope, Elen, you have a fantastic time in India! Have you been there before? How long are you planning to visit?

    best regards
  8. Thanks, mahesh.
    Soon to come are photographs from India. Hopefully I will get my camera fixed before I leave because there is an odd blur in the viewfinder so all the photos come out slightly out of focus. It's problem with the camera and not the lenses so it's beyond my expertise to fix it.
    Your pictures are great as well. Is that your son in your profile picture?
  9. Elenwen...

    Thank you for sharing your albums / photos. You have some really pictures. The camels and donkey and cats are soooo beautiful.

    Lovely photography in Israel...and in Spain too....

    best regards
    take care
  10. Hey Elen....!
    Happy Birthday!
    How are you?
    Come say hi to us at BAUT sometime....
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