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  1. See? SEE! I knew it!
  2. Animal!!!!
  3. Well, never let it be said that my gullibility knows bounds. Because it doesn't. What I'm driving at here is my gullibility knows nobounds. Am I being too subtle? Where's capslock when you need it?

    Honestly, I have suspicions of you being a shapeshifting half-ferret half-bug, with a pinch of animal thrown in for dubious measure.

    Oh, and your mouse is just like any other mouse.
  4. I know. I was just messing with you. He's also had an avatar of Magibon...I no longer believe that he is actually she, though.
  5. Err... I'm pretty sure he had him in one or more of his avatars.
  6. What profile pic would that be?
  7. Is that based on anything more than the profile pic? He certainly is a mysterious character.

    I'm still waiting for my tickets to the little island in the Caribbean (St Lucia?). A promise is a promise.
  8. I've long suspected that Robinson is actually Craig Ferguson. My post was meant to flush him out into the open.
  9. So this is you? Where do you find the time to bug out and shop for catwoman outfits?
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