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  1. Cool. Farscape is on our wishlist, too. Maybe for a birthday later this year. Then again, my wife's computer just crashed so maybe not.
  2. Yes, it is. I bought the series on DVD during the holidays, and I've just made it to second season. I've always liked Talyn, and thought it was time to change from the DRD avatar I was using.
  3. Hey, is that Talyn I see in your avatar?
  4. Actually, a friend gave it to me about five years ago. But there was definitely a good reason that he gave it to me.
  5. You know, it never crossed my mind that you wouldn't have that mug, too!
  6. Yeah, it's a bit dim. The shot is when the station first shows up in the bottom corner of the screen during the credits. If my photo-manip skills were any good, I might try to brighten it, but it works okay as-is.

    I have that same mug.
  7. I think your new avatar is broken. I poured hot water on the screen and DS9 didn't get brighter like it does on my coffee mug. Oh, wait. DS9 doesn't change with the hot water -- the worm hole appears. Nevermind.
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