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  1. Wow, the last message on here was wishing you happy birthday in 2012! Well, happy birthday again. I guess I'll repeat in 2018.
  2. Happy b day Fazor
  3. Hey man, just noticed.... very happy birthday (and with 37 minutes to spare)
  4. yeah I just wanted to pick on Swift. I didn't know this stuff was here 'til someone commented about it in some thread somewhere. And I still barely know how you use it.

    ...though (as you can tell from my post count), give me a text box and a button with the word "post" or "submit" on it, and I'm likely to say something.
  5. so, that means you're not-so-Swift at adapting to new forumology (that's like technology, but forum related ... rather than the study of forums, which would be forumatics).
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