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  1. Thanks again mahesh,

    I've already noticed a very high standard which is welcome, even if we are all a bit crazy.

  2. Hi again LT...
    You'll be very comfortable here at BAUT, rest assured.
    Astrophotography-wise, and otherwise, this is indeed a very rich place.
    Full of patient, distinguished, talented, persevering, selfless, kind folk.
    From all walks of life. From all over our gorgeous planet.
    You'll fit right in...snug as a bug....

    Flip side...we are all crazy.

    best regards
  3. Hi mahesh, many thanks for the welcome, and it's a pleasure to be here. I like the civilized nature of the place, and I always feel comfortable around people who share a love for the sky. I'm learning how to function here so I'm perhaps a little tardy noticing your VM.

  4. Hi LoneTree
    welcome to BAUT
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