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  1. oh sorry about the short form,its Mathematics and Calculus.Sorry about that.
  2. what's maths...including..additional maths?
  3. Hey,we have Malay,English,Moral,Mathematics(inlcudes additional mathematics),physics,chemistry,biology,and history.I also took chinese for last year.
  4. Which nine subjects, Wong?
  5. I'm sitting for a total of 9subjects here,many languages for us in Asia.The title of the book is called "The Dobsonian Telescope:A practical manual for building large aperture telescopes".The authors are David Kriege and Richard Berry.Its an old book I happen to come across while googling.Its a good book and everything is written in detailed.But nowadays the mirrors are just too expensive,unsure of myself whether is it advisable to make 1 as the mount and base for the beam requires physics which I haven't even learned yet.It's still a long way for me to go.
  6. hey hi!
    how did your exams go?
    what subjects did you sit / had to sit?
    did you enjoy?

    I am not familiar with the book you mention, but i'll look it up!
    will touch base soon.

    take care
  7. Hey mahesh!

    Im really sorry for the terrible late reply,was having exams all the way round.Thanks for everything and caring.I live in Malaysia so it will be hard to obtain the galileoscope haha.I'm currently reading the book on John Dobson's guide to make a dobsonian scope by david kriege.I want to learn how rather than buying and forgetting the fun and thrilling part behind the reasons of a telescope.Thanks again!
  8. Hi Andrew...
    how is it going for young man?
    about the galileoscope...if you want to email me / send me in pm, your address, postal address, I could ask the guys to send you one. our gift.

    take care
  9. hey mahesh,yeah i heard alot abt that malaysian astronaut thing,but apparently he was just a doctor.I'm planning to study overseas soon to find courses which focus and base all on astronomy.Do you have any recommendation and ideas?I hope to learn and maybe someday could meet up together.Thanks.
  10. Hey about this! The first Malaysian astronaut!....
    doesn't sound like Malaysia is a 'bad' country, astronomy-wise? and one more...

    perhaps your parents may be more interested to listen to you and be a bit more encouraging.
    but you've probably seen / and shown your parents, stuff like this before.

    You will learn a lot at BAUT, stick around and feel free to ask as many questions as you wish. There are a lot of patient teachers at BAUT. Any time you need any help, give us a shout!

    And a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!
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