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  1. Yay! thanks
  2. Your description looks pretty good to me. Honestly, I don't think that I have an intricate understanding of it, but I think that I understand it pretty well. It looks like you have a good grasp so far, too.
  3. Oh spin away. I want to know this. BTW, how close was I to describing binary?
  4. Thanks for the reply, closetgeek. I've seen vocabulary hinder learning often, and I still haven't fully figured out how to work around that. Anyhow, since I'm someone who's made sure that I usually get paid to teach, I completely understand.

    Actually, I think that this may be the first time I've ever really tried to explain the use of binary in computers by myself, so thanks for the opportunity. I won't try to make your head spin again unless you ask.
  5. Thank you for your reply Tobin, I just didn't want to hijack yet another thread. Until recently, I was perfectly happy believing that there was a leprechaun inside my computer, basically granting my wishes. I recently tripped into a conversation regarding quantum computing and foolishly thought wikipedia would make it all clear. The funny thing is, after spending so much time here and the reading done on my own, I understood, perfectly well, what superpositions meant, but couldn't grasp how that could possibly apply to a computer. It's now sparked an interest but not understanding the terms used in the definition cripples my efforts, so basically, I have to go back to the very basics. How does an actual computer work? Last week, my friend spent an entire evening explaining the parts and purpose of a computer. When we got to the mother board, he did the very same thing you just did. I get to a point where I seem to grasp the concept. 0 and 1 is the visual representation of the processors direction of either off or on and a combination of 0's and 1's is a command to another part of the computer (correct me if I am repeating this wrong). What happens next is the same thing you did. Like you, it's a topic he understands very well and I bet you light up, just as he did, at the opportunity to teach someone else. He, just like you, as soon as I was able to repeat back to him, in my own words, what he said, went right into talking about Base 10 and such. My brain is still spinning over the jump from a leprechaun to functionality. TMI too fast makes what I already think I know, get all jumbled up. Don't take that as criticism; I actually like people who get excited over in depth topics, it makes me excited to learn. Anyway, I hope that helps make clear the depth of my understanding.
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