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  1. Hi Spaceman, sure I remember you, and your knowledge about stars. I think you are doing something great! I've tried to get students interested in looking into these things, but I haven't had a lot of success there, whereas you have a master's student so that's much better. I would indeed be interested in collaboration, you can email me at I have a lot to say on this matter!
  2. Ken G. -- This is Spaceman Spiff, and I used to post here frequently during the first decade of the 2000s. Over the intervening time, and inspired by your posts, I've become ever more disturbed by the serious, *fundamental* misconceptions about how stars work that are now ubiquitous across the internet, from educational sites to posted lecture notes, at a wide range of levels. So, over the last several years I've been poring over books such as Kippenhahn et al., Prialnik, and Hansen et al.; even went back to Clayton's classic text. Currently I've a masters student working on a thesis project to illuminate many of these misconceptions, and in trying to come with an alternative, replacement narratives that can be communicated effectively to the appropriate audiences. Ultimately, I fantasize about sending in an article to Physics Today. If any of this sounds remotely interesting as pertains to a potential collaboration, please let me know.
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