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  1. Thank you!!!!
  2. Well, I'm glad to hear things are looking good for you lately!
  3. Thanks Spoons

    I have always been one to look at a situation and see all the bad points in it lol, bad habit of mine for a long time however over the past 6 months a lot has changed for me in so many ways, its made me a totally different person and I look at things in a different way.

    This has to be a good thing hehe, pleased you are having a nice relaxing weekend I am too though I was away yesterday was great had a real laugh and some good times.
  4. Only for once? I'd like to think things go well for you regularly, Em. Maybe you need to consciously put a positive spin on things more. (I know, easy to say, but if you don't try then it definitely won't happen.)

    I'm having a nice relaxing weekend, just been resting up most the time to kick off a week I'm taking off from work. Been working too hard - time to rejuvenate!

    Anyway, hope the good things in life stay good for you!
  5. I am doing great thanks for once things are going really well so no complaints, are you having a good weekend?
  6. Hey hey Emmylou! I'm superb! And how are you, fair lady?
  7. Spoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooons how are you????
  8. You are very welcome Spoons and ty I do try
  9. Aw, thanks Emmylou. You're a sweetie!
  10. Happy very late birthday spoooooooooooooooooons
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