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  1. Hey hi Pete.....yes...truly rotten
    i have never ever have had any objections to CCTVs.
    i looked at the infrastructure this pm...there are a couple of them right by where Rosie was parked...ten feet away, some ten feet up. i just hope that it was a multi-cameras unit and has good resolution. it's awful when the definition isn't good and particularly when people's lives are concerned. as we know from previous news of human victims...

    thanks for your support Pete.
  2. Rotten event mahesh1 Hoping for the best.
    Makes more CCTV posts desirable.
  3. pete hi....

    it has been bugging me that i knew there was Mexico involved in the flight....
    i had referred to a wrong flight feb 16, earlier.

    this one was jan 31 2000 Alaska Airlines...Flight 261.
    I hadn't realised there was documentary made of this already and aired.

    here's wkik write-up, if you're interested:
    (the very last paragraph, illustrates the shameful depths fellow humans can stoop to...)

    and another one frrom Seattle...sobering account

    i hope i'm not intruding...
  4. i found it was Air Alaska ...structural did call may day,
    poor things. it lasted so long. the pilots tried their best. geez, must have been awful.
    bless them.
  5. thanks pete, i'll look from that point...ace idea...thanks
  6. No idea sorry. I know the dilemma, I was
    searching for info about a crash in
    southern England I remembered in the news
    in the sixties. Remembered it was a
    Caravelle and found a book in a charity
    shop with airliner manufacture notes.
    Soon found it was nov 67 near Haselmere
    at Fernhurst. Report from library was
    very sad, famous actress and others.
    But casulties less than 40 meant not
    included in book on disasters. Plane
    just flew into high ground at night!
    Possibly dstracted crew and 3 hand
    altimeter to blame.

    So any info on airliner manufactures
    might help!
  7. pete..hi
    you know the flight i was talking about involved a McDonnell Douglas plane...aeromexico or some such airline...flying over the Pacific to California...and straight into the water...other flights in the neighbourhood saw it go down helplessly...i read about it in the Tribune (IHT), a few years ago...have googled...can't find know which one it was?

    all i remember that the reportage on it, the article i read was heartbreaking.

    if you could help ID it, appreciate it....
    thanks pete..

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