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  1. Hi BD!
    my pm about the '' site...

    i hope it is useful, even remotely...considering your great penchant for recollecting dramatically. we love your posts.

    i joined / registered with these guys earlier today. out of curiousity. and perhaps learn to communicate better, writing-wise. though i doubt it...old dogs and all that....

    take care...
    warmest regards
  2. BD, I salute the depth of your knowledge, and enthusiasm to share it.
  3. Hey BD...are you gonna tape (audio) your stories about fish, at the same time as posting your thread?
  4. Hi well?!

    nice geology pictures....i'm gonna come round a have another look or two...thanks for sharing

    take care
  5. Hi BigDon!

    just saying hello, passing by...

    hope you are feeling better....keep well....
    kinda miss your activity here....

    take care

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