Von Braun exhibit at US Space and Rocket Center

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This was a new traveling exhibit being featured at the center, put on by the museum that will tour the country celebrating Dr. Werner von Braun's upcoming 100th birthday.
  1. von Braun and the Mercury 7
  2. Dr. von Braun's office
  3. Blake Parker 
"The are Jupiters C's, not Redstones!" ABMA had funding approved for satellite research with Jupiter, not Redstone. The solution?...
  4. Explorer 1 launch console
  5. Explorer 1 upper stage
  6. Gemini-era  maneuvering unit
  7. V-2 engine
  8. Redstone Engine
  9. Manned V-2 concept.
  10. Magnus Von Braun's Bycycle, believed to be the same on he rode to meet the advancing American Army.
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