Von Braun exhibit at US Space and Rocket Center

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This was a new traveling exhibit being featured at the center, put on by the museum that will tour the country celebrating Dr. Werner von Braun's upcoming 100th birthday.
  1. ET Intertank hatch cover from STS-135
  2. Space Shuttle tire
  3. SLS model
  4. Apollo quarantine suit
  5. Heavy Lifter concept ( was Ares V)
  6. Underwater Astronaut Trainer
  7. "I don't always display rockets in my office, 
but when I do, 
I have to cut holes in the ceiling for them to fit." 
He is the most interesting man...
  8. von Braun's living room furniture
  9. hunting tropies
  10. :P
  11. DSC02543
  12. rocket wagon
  13. Caption
  14. Caption
  15. Caption
  16. Caption
  17. V-2
  18. Dr. von Braun was a huge force in the early days  of the University of Alabama in Hunstville.
  19. Early Von Braun Astronomical Society telescope.
  20. Von Braun being presented with a Stetson, six shooter, and sheriff's badge in Montana.
  21. Pistol and Sheriff's badge
  22. Peanuts comic strips autographed and given to Von Braun by Charles Schultz
  23. Cartoon detailing the people putting pressure on the Hunstville scientists.
  24. von Braun's space suit
  25. von Braun in his space suit preparing to work in the Neutral Buoyancy lab.
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