Whose Side Are You On?

Okay, so a few years ago, Marvel Comics did an event called Civil War with the tagline "Whose side are you on?" They had a banner template that they encouraged people to copy and Photoshop in pictures of their favorite heroes with the text "I'm with (hero name)".

There are a lot of parodies out there, but these are my personal space-related ones. (Including a few with the logo of the BBC docu-drama Space Race.) Enjoy!
  1. I'm with Everybody
  2. I'm with Wernher
  3. I'm with Explorer
  4. I'm with Serqei
  5. I'm with Disney
  6. I'm with Alan
  7. I'm with Yuri
  8. I'm with Sputnik
  9. I'm with Cassini
  10. I'm with Carl
  11. I'm with Phoenix
  12. I'm with Branson
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