World Science Festival 2010!

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On the last day of the 2010 World Science Festival, my mother, my friend Erin, and I hit NYU to geek out. These pictures show what happened next.
  1. Twenty-First Century Juxtaposition, a smaller version.
  2. Erin, Leland Melvin, and I.
  3. 21st Century Juxtaposition 2 
Webb Telescope, framed by statue that stood in World Trade Center Plaza.  
That we may always be able to look past...
  4. Demonstrating how easy it is to move in the Biosuit.
  5. Me with the Biosuit lady. She said it really feels like wearing a superhero suit.  
So now I want one.  
Very badly.
  6. The red shirt belongs to Jon, the Grumman guy who was there explaining things about the Webb to us. He was very funny. 
Him: "When we launch it,...
  7. An actual shuttle heat tile. It's suprising how light it is when you pick it up.
  8. Go soccerbots!
  9. Leland Melvin!
  10. Sandy and Leland at the NASA Booth.
  11. "Leland Melvin" autograph in my Muse.
  12. James Webb Space Telescope Mirror.  
Pretty hexagons...
  13. The Webb Telescope's solar panels and thrusters.
  14. Demonstration of the MIT Biosuit. Awesome, yet practical.
  15. Me talking to the MIT Biosuit designer. I was wearing fingerless gloves: 
1) To look cool. 
2) Because I wanted to know if some of the problems of...
  16. 21st Century Juxtaposition 
The foreground statue stood at World Trade Center Plaza and now stands in Battery Park as a memorial.  
Nearby, the...
  17. "Remember, you rule the world- Miles O'Brien!"
  18. JWST & Me.  
(The proper shortening, as I was told by the people working on the project, is "the Webb", like "the Hubble". "Jay-west" is "like...
  19. FIRST soccerbots in Washington Square Park.
  20. When Xenomorphs make art... this was on display in the building where we saw the astronaut talk, it's some sort of Japanese statue.
  21. MIT student demonstrating the Biosuit.
  22. Me talking to Sandra Magnus! 
Me: "I have to ask, does Mike Fincke really have stage fright?" 
Sandy: "Mike? Stage fright? Never!" 
  23. They had this big whitewashed shuttle tire at the NASA booth, and all of these people signed it. Erin and I did it right next to each other, but in...
  24. The two Muse issues that I got signed.
  25. The Webb!
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