Space Shipping

Among fans of certain comics/TV shows/book series/movies, there is a phenomenon called "Shipping" where some fans will decide two characters would make a great couple and create a cute portmanteau of the names of those character.

They then declare themselves "Team (Portmanteau name)" and proceed to angrily argue with anybody who disagrees and generally speak of nothing else. Because I find shipping very annoying, I have created the following parodies.
  1. What Elon Musk REALLY does in his spare time...
  2. If you've read my story Into the Cosmos, you already get the joke. If not... Darkwind is the supervillain who tries to kill Michael Griffin in the...
  3. Apollo + Soyuz = Apolyuz. (Uh-pahl-yous)
  4. Saturn + Apollo = Sapollo
  5. Hubble + Shuttle = Huttle  
(Shubble didn't sound good)
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